This year, we're thrilled to embrace new design ideas! We are throwing the rules out the door! The pale pink, cookie cutter wedding is no more. Décor choices that you and your guests have seen again and again are guaranteed to make your future-self cringe. 

Developing a wedding design that speaks directly to you and your significant others personality is a must. After all, this wedding is all about YOU. If you want to ensure your big day is truly unique, here are some wedding trends to avoid. 

But, if you love that baby pink floral wall and dream of monograms, we support you!

Naked Cake

This is the year for unique weddings that will in turn bring back the detailed designs of the cake industry. We are doing away with that naked cake that is all over your college Pinterest board! Work with your baker to design a dessert that is both delicious and mimics your wedding design. Not into cake? No big deal - do some research into alternative dessert options that speak to you AND your taste buds! Some of our favorites include macaroon towers, cinnamon buns, pie, donuts, croque en bouche, and waffles.

Shabby Chic

The rustic design concept is evolving - brides are ditching the shabby elements and holding on to just the chic. We are leaving the baby's breath, burlap, mason jars, and DIY vibe in the past. Design elements that are more refined make room for an elegant and sophisticated theme. Raw spaces complimented by geometric lines and metallics is the new rustic. Adding lush greenery and florals paired with a soft color palette will add a natural balance to maintain an organic tone. 

Photo Booth

Do you really want a million photos of your drunk friends wearing feather boas? We understand that entertainment is a crucial part to any event but the time for photo booths is done. Get creative and find a non-traditional way to keep your guests occupied that speaks to your personality. Keep your entertainment in line with your wedding theme so that all elements of your wedding day are cohesive. Caricature artists, tarot readers, henna artists, alpacas, fire dancers, old fashioned arcade games, and even flip-cup are just some activities that will keep your guests partying all night long!

Flower Walls

If done properly a flower wall can be an exquisite design element. But to be honest, the wedding world is quickly tiring of this overdone wedding detail. If you are in love with the aesthetic of this backdrop, we have a few alternatives for you. Custom neon signs displayed on a hedge are an absolute head-turner and add a flair of chic to your wedding. Also, floral clouds are a clever way to incorporate an abundance of flowers while showcasing a chic flair.

Large Wedding Parties

The trend of having a "bridesmaid army" came and went very quickly. Unfortunately, having a massive bridal party can become overwhelming for the couple and take away from the ceremony. Honor your loved ones by incorporating them into your celebration through readings, blessings, or speeches. And of course, we cannot forget the photo op - just because they don't stand with you at the altar doesn't mean you can't have an epic photo shoot!

Monogram Everything

Monograms can be an elegant and unique way to add personalized details to your wedding. However, over using a monogram is a huge faux pas that will only take away from this specialty detail. Using your monogram sparingly rather than at every point of the day will ensure that its symbolism is received as exclusive and memorable rather than excessive.

Complicated Hashtags

We know, we know - you love social media - we do too! Having a hashtag so your guests can represent you as newlyweds is not a bad idea. Guests are getting a bit fed up with complicated name mash-ups and puns that are difficult to follow. Keep your tagline timeless and classic so guests can easily showcase your wedding day on social media.

Unclear Dress Codes

Regardless of whether you are hosting a formal affair or a casual wedding, giving your guests a clear dress code is very important. Being creative in your wording might sound like a great idea but also may confuse guests. Most people will appreciate the clarity direction so they aren't scrambling to find an outfit that is appropriate for the big day.

Identical Bridesmaid Dresses

Monochromatic, matchy-matchy bridesmaids' attire is no longer the in-fashion way to outfit your bridal party. Choosing a complimentary color palette and allowing your bridal party to wear different patterns, styles, hues, and textures that are unique to their personality is an excellent way to add an air of trend to your wedding. If various color hues overwhelm you, curate a collection of dresses in the same colorway and fabric and allow your bridesmaids to choose a style they feel most comfortable in.

Favor Tables

Favors can be a very difficult detail to plan properly. Unless they are executed thoughtfully and strategically, favors are typically left behind at the end of the night. Instead of setting your favors up to potentially be neglected, add a welcome bag or arrival token into your budget. Small souvenirs or products will show your appreciation for your guests while also ensuring that they are taken care of during the weekend. Curate your welcome bag to pay tribute to the location of your destination with thoughtful, personalized details while also providing a glimpse of the festivities to come!

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