It's that time again: the beginning of a new year and the evolving trends that are sure to make your 2022 wedding a huge hit! With the world returning to its normal rotation, so is the glamorous wedding universe. 

Whether you're the bubblegum pink floral princess or an edgy modern bride, we're excited to share some new design ideas that are sure to make the 2022 wedding season surpass all your expectations!  

Additional Lighting

For those who might find themselves bound by their budget, lighting is a special effect that is often overlooked by florals and swag. By incorporating a moat of romantic pillar candles or an additional strand of twinkle lights, you've succeeded in transforming your wedding into a dreamy wonderland! This is also a convenient way to ensure you get the most bang for your buck, and you'll also be pleased to discover that a little goes a long ways!

Open Air Tents

When people hear of tents at weddings, they sometimes think of an outdated and overused canvas structure, and we get it. This isn't the 1990's anymore! However, with a few strategic tricks of the trade, tents are swiftly becoming the new It factor once again! Whether it be cloth or a clear top, open air tents can provide you and your guests plenty of room while also protecting your special day against the elements. Add some florals, lights, or swag and it will elevate the space entirely!


Not everyone is a flower fanatic, but there are some other alternatives besides the typical aisle petals and bridal bouquets. For example, speak with some of your vendors about incorporating edible flowers into your specialty cocktails and your cake design. Or instead of selecting multiple flower arrangements for the dinner tables, maybe go with a large floral chandelier. It is a great alternative and a spectacular statement piece! Couples are now becoming creative with their floral designs, such as mixing dried elements or other uncommon accents, so now is the time to really push the envelope!

Themed Parties

Whether your wedding is a casual or formal affair, your guests will appreciate any opportunity to dress up! Not only will the photo-ops make for great memories, but it's a fantastic transition into your wedding weekend. Get creative with your welcome party or rehearsal dinner: 90's era, favorite sitcom characters, partner impersonations. Have fun with it! It's meant to be a great time for you and your partner, and your guests will thank you even more!

Multiple or Specialty Bars

Two areas to invest your money in for your wedding is toward the food and beverages. Trust us, it's for everyone's benefit! Not everyone will remember every aspect of your wedding, but they will definitely remember if your menu was lacking. In that case, keep it creative! Don't just offer the usual wells and mixtures. Speak to vendors who offer different twists, like a spicy strawberry margarita or a warm bourbon cider. Yum!

Long Wedding Weekend

After these past couple of years, why limit your wedding to just one day! It's supposed to be a special time for you and your partner, and after making it to 2022, it's definitely a reason to celebrate! We're starting to see more and more couples who wish to extend their time together with their guest over three or four days, and we're all for it! Plan a day to visit before the festivities begin. Schedule time for fun activities like hiking, kayaking, or horseback riding, before your big day. Then send your guests off with a relaxing farewell brunch!  

Forgoing Welcome Bags and Party Favors

While a sweet gesture, the truth about the matter is that they're not very practical compared to the money you will spend. Yes, some guests will take them, but most will forget them at their tables before even getting a chance to lose the memento in an overstuffed drawer, in their house somewhere. We suggest something a little different! Invest your money in providing your guests a late-night snack to keep the party going. Soft pretzels, ice cream sandwiches, warm cookies are everyone's favorites, and we ensure you that it'll be most appreciated!  

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