Fusing modern style to a mountain wedding without going overboard can be tricky! Here are our favorite design concepts that will add personality to your wedding without overpowering the natural landscape of your venue.

1) Curate an Innovative Menu

A marriage is a celebration of family tradition and there is nothing wrong with serving your families culinary favorites! Integrating modern elements and contemporary plating to your menu is a subtle way to surround your guests with flair. Also, selecting menu options is the perfect time to fuse both families' heritage! Are you Japanese marrying someone of Italian descent? Try offering Japanese Chicken Skewers as a passed appetizer and featuring a gourmet pasta as an entree. 


2) Mix & Match Furnishing Textures

Well defined lines and textures of furnishings will add depth and an airy atmosphere to your venue. Utilize an assortment of seating options of various materials for your reception - we love pairing metal and wood! For cocktail hour, think about adding depth by contrasting wooden, high-boy cocktail tables with a cozy lounge area featuring velvet sofas. 

4) Integrate a Neon Display

Nothing says modern like NEON and we are not talking about 70's lava lamps. Bright,  custom contemporary signage and lighting is the perfect modern touch for any design aesthetic. Keep your eye out for inspiration - this is going to be one of the top wedding trends of 2020 


4) Use Black as an Accent

Black is an elegant, chic, contemporary, and sophisticated hue that exudes drama. Contrast this depth with airy naturals and you will find the perfect balance of contemporary and bohemia. We love this Chalet View Lodge Wedding that featured dramatic black taper candles softened by ivory and blush blooms. 

5) Embrace the Geometric

Don't be afraid to increase visual interest with simple, clean lines. You don't need overcomplicated shapes and patterns to draw your guests' eye.

6) Add Industrial Pieces

Fusing rustic tones with industrial textures and fonts automatically generates a modern aesthetic. The key to industrial pieces is consistency - maintain industrial touches throughout your wedding design to set a coherent tone.  


7) Old World Typography & Bold Fonts

If you love calligraphy as much as we do but are looking to enhance your font aesthetic, try adding a more modern text to your wedding suite. A blank canvas and graceful collection of florae to backdrop your detail shots will soften the various bold typefaces.


8) Monochromatic Tablescapes

Tablescape or DREAMSCAPE? A dusty color palette that melts together plateware, flatware, and accents will ensure your tabletop is nothing less than dreamy.  


9) Don't Shy Away From Negative Space

A design aesthetic that embraces negative space allows your décor accents to pop. A simple and sophisticated place setting permits your guests to focus on what really matters - great food and unobstructed love.


10) Skip the Labels

Allow your wedding favors to speak for themselves by keeping things simple. Love has no labels!


11) Embrace Acrylic

Craft a romantic and airy feel with transparent stationery and signage. Small transparent details will add texture to your wedding aesthetic without cluttering your other design elements.


12) Statement Balloons

Balloons scream party time! Personalized messages add a playful tone to your décor collection.


13) Use Bright Greenery

Greenery goes a long way! Choosing florae that is bright and full, radiates a freshness that will speak for itself. Don't overpower the energy that bold greenery adds to an ambiance with blooms in muted tones.


14) Try a Modern Dessert Design

Make sure to carry modern accents throughout your day - that means dessert too! A stylish, chic cake will act as the ideal focal point for your dessert table. If a classic cake doesn't suit your personality try an innovative approach to sweetness. Cookie shots, cinnamon buns, and macaroon towers are just some favorites, but THE SKY'S THE LIMIT when it comes to wedding desserts.


15) Go Trendy With Cocktails

MIX. IT. UP. Custom, craft cocktails are one of the biggest wedding trends of 2020. A cocktail menu that can stand on its own elevates distinction and personality of your wedding. Play around with garnish and compostable straws for a special touch of modern flair.

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