1) The foliage is stunning.

With the leaves changing into yellows, oranges and reds, and falling onto the ground, the fall is without-a-doubt the most beautiful time of year to have an outdoor wedding ceremony. Whether the leaves have already fallen or they're just starting to change color on the trees, nature's natural canvas creates the most memorable setting for two people to marry. The gorgeous and vibrant colors of the fall make for the most stunning photography backdrops!

2) The weather is ideal.

Fall is the perfect in-between in terms of weather--it's no longer hot like it is during summer, but it's also not yet extremely cold like it is in winter. It also tends to be less rainy, which lends itself to the most ideal climate for an outdoor ceremony. 

3) The flower options are endless.

The colors and available blooms for fall weddings are nothing short of stunning. There are rich reds, deep burgundies, golds, plums, oranges and different tones of greenery--so many opportunities to play with in terms of texture, volume and richness!

4) The seasonal food adds personality.

The fall months are some of the best because of the delicious food options available. Our talented catering partners suggest incorporating seasonal favorites such as pumpkin, pears, figs and root vegetables into your dinner menu, and perhaps skipping the champagne upon arrival in favor of greeting your guests with hot apple cider with a cinnamon stick. 

5) The time of year consists of fewer vacations, holidays, and events.

Fall weddings often face less calendar conflicts. Flights can be less expensive in the fall compared to holiday weekends, summer vacation time, or other breaks from schools across the country that could serve as a financial barrier to some out-of-town guests.

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